Document Report

The following list is a list of all available documents provided by the Association of Realtors to its members. The documents are sorted by category and then alphabetically by document name.

Document Name Publish Date File Type
2019 SAR Annual Meeting Minutes8/12/2020PDF
2020 Designated REALTOR Dues Ltr12/1/2019PDF
CDC Eviction Moratorium Statement9/25/2020PDF
2020 DR (BIC) Certification Form11/22/2019PDF
2020 Leadership and Committees1/3/2020PDF
MLS 2020 Annual Meeting Announcement8/12/2020PDF
2020 Palmetto Heroes Guides June 20206/8/2020PDF
2020 REALTOR Dues Notice12/1/2019PDF
SAR 2020 Annual Meeting Announcement8/12/2020PDF
2020 SAR Fees for New Licensees11/22/2019PDF
SC Housing Homebuyer Home Price and Income Limits6/8/2020PDF
2020 SAR Strategic Plan1/17/2020PDF
SAR Affiliate Home Inspector eKEY Flyer4/8/2020PDF
SAR Broker-in-Charge Update10/1/2020PDF
zipForm Broker Version8/26/2019PDF
zipForm Digital Ink8/26/2019PDF
2020 MLS Proxy for Annual Meeting8/12/2020PDF
zipForm MLSConnect8/26/2019PDF
2020 SAR REALTOR Application 11/22/2019PDF
2020 RPAC Contributors9/25/2020PDF
SAR REALTORS Who Speak Other Languagest1/2/2020PDF
SAR Membership Benefits Brochure9/24/2020PDF
SAR Member Profile Form9/15/2020PDF
SAR Weekly Update September 25, 20209/25/2020PDF
SAR/MLS Profile Sheet 20209/8/2020PDF
SC Economic Outlook for September 202010/1/2020PDF
SCR BIC Update August 21, 20208/21/2020PDF
Smart Phone Safety Features 0620208/21/2020PDF
Unemployment Assistance for Independent Contractors4/10/2020PDF
zipForm Plus Flyer8/26/2019PDF
zipForm Mobile8/26/2019PDF
zipForm Transaction Management Solution8/26/2019PDF
SBR Events
SAR Golf Sponsorship Letter 4/3/2020PDF
SAR 2020 Golf Team Registration Form7/24/2020PDF
NAR Resilency Report 071620207/17/2020PDF
NAR Resiliency Report July 31, 20207/31/2020PDF
NAR REALTOR Resiliency Report 080620208/7/2020PDF
NAR Weekly Coronavirus Update 032720203/27/2020PDF
NAR Resiliency Report July 9, 20207/10/2020PDF
NAR REALTOR Resiliency Report 072320207/24/2020PDF
NAR REALTOR Resiliency Report 081320208/14/2020PDF
SAR Weekly Update January 2, 20201/3/2020PDF
SAR Weekly Update January 16, 20201/17/2020PDF
SAR Weekly Update January 23, 20201/24/2020PDF
SAR Weekly Update January 9, 20201/9/2020PDF
SAR weekly Update January 30 20201/31/2020PDF
SAR Weekly Update February 6, 20202/7/2020PDF
SAR Weekly Update February 14, 20202/14/2020PDF
SAR Weekly Update February 20, 20202/21/2020PDF
SAR Weekly Update February 27, 20202/28/2020PDF
SAR Weekly Update March 6, 20203/6/2020PDF
SAR Weekly Update March 13, 20203/13/2020PDF
SAR Weekly Update April 1, 20204/1/2020PDF
SAR Update April 3, 20204/3/2020PDF
SAR Weekly Update April 9, 20204/9/2020PDF
SAR Weekly Update April 16, 20204/17/2020PDF
SAR Weekly Update April 23, 20204/23/2020PDF
SAR Weekly Update April 30, 20204/30/2020PDF
SAR Weekly Update May 8, 20205/8/2020PDF
SAR Weekly Update May 15, 20205/15/2020PDF
SAR Weekly Update May 21, 20205/21/2020PDF
SAR Weekly Update May 29, 20205/29/2020PDF
SAR Weekly Update June 4, 20206/4/2020PDF
SAR Weekly Update June 12, 20206/12/2020PDF
SAR Weekly Update June 18, 20206/18/2020PDF
SAR Weekly Update June 26, 20206/26/2020PDF
SAR Weekly Update July 02, 20207/2/2020PDF
SAR Weekly Update July 10, 20207/10/2020PDF
SAR Weekly Update July 17, 20207/17/2020PDF
SAR Weekly Update July 24, 20207/24/2020PDF
SAR Weekly Update July 31, 20207/31/2020PDF
SAR Weekly Update August 7, 20208/7/2020PDF
SAR weekly Update August 14, 20208/14/2020PDF
SAR Weekly Update August 21, 20208/21/2020PDF
SAR Weekly Update August 28, 20208/28/2020PDF
SAR Weekly Update September 4, 20209/4/2020PDF
SAR Weekly Update September 11, 20209/11/2020PDF
SAR Weekly Update September 18, 20209/18/2020PDF
SAR Weekly Update October 2, 202010/2/2020PDF
SAR Weekly Update October 9, 202010/9/2020PDF
SAR Weekly Update October 16,202010/16/2020PDF
SAR Weekly Update October 23, 202010/23/2020PDF
SAR Weekly Update March 20, 20203/20/2020PDF
SAR weekly Update March 27, 20203/27/2020PDF
SCR Report 0320203/20/2020PDF
Governing Documents
MLS Bylaws Amended 09/20195/29/2020PDF
MLS Amended Rules Effective 040120203/30/2020PDF
SAR Bylaws 20202/20/2020PDF
MLS Rules and Regulations Effective April 20203/30/2020PDF
Spartanburg Housing Market Report 20146/9/2016PDF
Spartanburg 10K Marketing Report 20156/9/2016PDF
Spartanburg 10K Marketing Report 12/20162/24/2017PDF
MLS 2019 Annual Meeting Minutes8/12/2020PDF
Supra Data at the Door7/1/2020PDF
Supra Ekey Authorization Code6/21/2019PDF
FOREWARN Email Instructions9/24/2018PDF
MLS Broker Data Agreement 09209/22/2020PDF
MLS Combined SAR & GGAR Residential Profile Form10/1/2020PDF
MLS IDX Agreement Data Agreement 09209/22/2020PDF
MLS of Choice for MLS Participants and Their Licensees6/8/2018PDF
Changes Coming to the Residential Profile Sheet10/1/2020PDF
Paragon Academy Training Requirement11/21/2018PDF
SAFE MLS Notification on Remediation Device3/26/2019PDF
Spartanburg 10K Marketing Report January 20202/14/2020PDF
SAR 10K Marking Report February 20203/13/2020PDF
SAR 10K Marketing Report for March 20204/17/2020PDF
SAR 10K Marketing Report for April 20205/14/2020PDF
SAR 10K Marketing Report May 20206/12/2020PDF
Spartanburg 10K Marketing Report June 20207/15/2020PDF
SAR 10K Marketing Report July 20208/14/2020PDF
SAR 10K Marketing Report for August 20209/11/2020PDF
SAR 10K Marketing Report for September 202010/16/2020PDF
SAR 10K Marketing Report for December 20173/1/2018PDF
Spartanburg 10K Marketing Report December 20181/12/2019PDF
Spartanburg 10K Marketing Report December 20191/16/2020PDF
Spartanburg Housing Supply Overview January 20202/14/2020PDF
SAR Housing Supply Overview February 20203/13/2020PDF
SAR Housing Supply Overview March 20204/17/2020PDF
SAR Housing Supply Overview April 20205/14/2020PDF
SAR Housing Supply Overview May 20206/12/2020PDF
Spartanburg Housing Supply Overview June 20207/15/2020PDF
SAR Housing Supply Overview July 20208/14/2020PDF
SAR Housing Supply Overview August 20209/11/2020PDF
SAR Housing Supply Overview September 202010/16/2020PDF
Spartanburg Housing Supply Overview December 20181/12/2019PDF
Spartanburg Housing Supply Overview December 20191/16/2020PDF
SMLS Assume Identity Form for Clerical or Licensed Assistants2/5/2019PDF
SMLS Subscriber Agreement 11/21/2018PDF
Spartanburg MLS Subscriber Waiver Form10/8/2020PDF
Spartanburg MLS Monthly Fees12/30/2019PDF
Supra Agent Alerts8/21/2020PDF
Supra Home Tour7/1/2020PDF